About Us

Mapi Leather is a family owned company with long years of experience in the production of high quality genuine leather goods. After working as a master craftsman for 20 years, Mr. Nedim KARTAL established his own company in 2004 in Istanbul to handcraft leather goods and today it is one of the prominent factories of the industry in Turkey.

In addition to various leather items such as bags, wallets, accessories, we are a competent service provider for the design and production of high-quality cases for watches, jewelry or accessories. We are providing our clients with the finest products where combine best quality materials with our artisan craftsmanship. Mapi Leather works according to ISO Quality Guide Standarts ( ISO-9001 , 14001 45001 )


Our mission is to provide our customers a reliable partnership with our attractive and efficient solutions to satisfy their needs. Today we are happy to be a partner of many renowned luxury good brands in Europe with our products and tailor-made arrangements.

Our Brand

The meaning of our brand MAPI is “I did it” in the local language in the Black Sea Region where Nedim Kartal the owner and founder of the company comes from. We always try to find the best solutions for our customers where we put lots of time and effort to create the right products.

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